• Apr 30, 2017
  • by Kent Daniels

Our Vision

Our long term vision is to maintain a football academy that will exist on the grounds of the German International School in Dubai. Our aim is

  • to continue to promote skill development for all of the participants of our football afterschool sessions,
  • to develop a competitive squad for advanced players,
  • to build up a strong technical program for players during additional, intense training sessions and
  • to maintain a competitive position among other national academy programs.

"Through this program, I aim to instill an innovative,

player-centered philosophy that promotes the development of technical abilities

as well as sound decision-making." Josh Allison, Coach


The U9 Squad

  • From the round 80 ASA Football participants 12 have been selected to join the squad.
  • They train together during the Wednesday ASA Sessions of the German International School Dubai.

Join the GERMAN FOOTBALL ACADEMY! We are open to the public. If you would like to have more information about our academy and on how to join, please contact josh@footballcenter.ae.

To all DISD students: Join the GERMAN FOOTBALL ACADEMY through the FC Dubai After-School Activities football program.

Training Schedule

Grade 1-2: Monday and Wednesday, 2.40pm-4.10pm, Sports Hall/Pitch

Grade 2-4: Monday and Wednesday, 2.40pm-4.10pm, Sports Hall/Pitch

Grade 5-7: Sunday, 2.40pm-4.10pm, Sports Hall/Pitch

Football Grade 8+: Thursday, 2.40pm-4.10pm, Sports Hall/Pitch

For more information please visit www.germanschool.ae/after-school-activities/ or get in touch with josh@footballcenter.ae.